MCM London Comic Con 2024 (2024)


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Date: from May 26, 2023 to May 28, 2023 (3 days)

Venue ExCeL London, London, United Kingdom

Organizer Reed Exhibitions

Expected number of attendees : 130000


#Computer Games

MCM Comic Con events are the UK and Ireland’s and most exciting pop culture shows, and the only UK based shows that bring together such a broad scope of popular culture categories including; Movies, Gaming, Comics, Anime, Television, Gadgets, Clothing and Toys.

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MCM London Comic Con 2024 (14)

Gowther W.



May 29, 2023

27th May Impossible to navigate

My overall experience relies on others who attend as I mostly only come for the cosplay interaction. I had friends with me this time as we were supposed to stick together but the second we were unknow...ingly separated yet again the silly phone signal problem in the building is a nightmare. You can't get a hold of anyone and if you do instructions are unclear as to where you need to go. The venue is so big that it's impossible to go through all of it in one day, meetups are squashed amongst hundreds of other people. And for someone with dyspraxia lefts and rights weren't at all that kind, you could waste your time walking all the way to one end of the building only to find you've gone the wrong way. Attendees are told to keep on moving with staff at the venue not made aware of how to find certain areas. Prices of food and drink just aren't worth it if you struggled to afford the ticket and travel by itself. Comic con was all about simply just talking to one another about what you love but this place is now for expensive leisure or a promotional setting where very little of the con is filmed. E.g. only early morning, the usual endless star wars pics, newly released shows. But what's the point of wanting to try get an autograph or picture with cast members if even those prices are becoming unable to reach? Overall it's only worth going if you're able to fork out for what you want to get from it or you put your soul into costume work in hopes photographers might help to pass on some of those angles that just aren't practical to do with the props you wear and that you expand your network with others in the cosplay industry. It's easy to be prone to overheating as I think there should be more precautions taken over cosplayers with heavy or thick layered gear on. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (15)

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MCM London Comic Con 2024 (16)

John D.



June 8, 2022

Worst experience at MCM

As a foreigner who visited the convention by pure chance, I was expecting for a good time but I had the worst experience at this convention. I visited this convention because there was someone I wante...d to get an autograph from. So i bought my tickets and wanted to queue up for an autograph but one of the staff there did not let me queue up because they had closed the line so i asked politely if i could still wait to see if i could still ask for an autograph from the person but the staff member proceeded to yell at me and utter a racial slur at me. I complained at MCM about this and they proceeded to do nothing about it. There are better conventions than MCM so this is my last time ever going to such conventions in the UK. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (17)

Angela D.



May 29, 2022

Less traders than usual, staff needed more training. celebs dropped out on the day

Is it under new management? as it was not quite as good as in previous years but still good fun!

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (18)

Emma D.



October 31, 2019

First time, not the last time

As an attendee on the Sunday I was impressed by the combination of established big brands and small independent artists and gamers, as well as the exceptionally enthusiastic attendees.It felt like an... otherworldly futuristic market championing all things creative.Arriving on the Sunday I appreciate that the space was "fourth day of a festival" with that a lot of tired people, but still the passion and expertise on show was enthralling.I have a professional interest in VR, so it was a good fact-finding mission for me, I hope to be involved in the future. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (19)

Gareth L.



June 10, 2019

Comic Con is always impressive

MCM Comic Con London is a good opportunity for us to show new and upcoming titles or hardware that we may have on the horizon and a great way to interact with many engaged consumers and fans of the br...and. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (20)

Sarah J.



June 7, 2019

Rough around the edges

I have attended as both exhibitor and attendee from before MCM has changed hands.Prices have shot up. For exhibitor and visitors.l through the years. Which makes sense with needing more halls and mor...e events. As a small company the price of tables has become intimidating especially with trying to make a profit myself.I worry that the volunteer workers don’t have enough knowledge of the areas they are marshalling and causing confusion with attendees.I have seen multiple complaints of the guests and visitors. Where visitors pay premium in advance and don’t feel they have received what they pay for. I would recommend that the treatment of the guest and visitor be revised. Guests are paying for an experience not to be streamlined through. Trading standards I understand their role in the event but I do feel some stands had been unfairly treated. When artists create artwork to sell its of their own work and not infringing companies. I would suggest having a mcm rep with the trading standards so that if the exhibitor can have a neutral character in the discussion and debate fairly whether stock should be removed. Overall I think with time it will get better. I would just be cautious of pricing. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (21)

Caz F.



June 5, 2019

The same every year.

Sad to say the MCM Comic Con has now become so expensive, that it risks those who love to enjoy a weekend to express themselves, from attending. The floor plan for attendees isn't very good as it do...esn't plot who is where. So if you are disabled, poor mobility, those who have walking aids scooters wheelchairs, visually impaired or deaf, you can't navigate to specific venders. There is no Quiet areas if it all gets too much for someone who is autistic and there for the day only. I've heard many Cosplayers say they wouldn't attend in the future as prices are rising for advanced tickets and released far too early, ie 1 week after one event in London for next one.I would suggest that the event organisers talked to groups to find out how they can make it a much more pleasant experience for those in the above categories I've mentioned and change ticket release policy and maybe have a discount for consessions like disabled people and those who buy Priority WEEKEND tickets. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (22)

Weddington T.



June 5, 2019

First time at comic con

First time attending this event and I have to be honest and say it was really eye opening. I enjoyed the space, the creatives and the energy. I never though they were many more people who were intere...sted in the same things as I did. Great for networking. Can’t wait for it next year. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (23)

Jamelia B.



June 3, 2019

A great place to be in London

It's great every year, great special guests, mostly the same the exhibitors. It's a great day of out whether you're cosplaying or not. My only slight negative is the stock on the Funko stall of the ex...clusives. Basically if you don't have a priority ticket, you're very likely to miss out on those. They should have a set amount of stock for each day, not set amount of stock in total. Read more

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (24)

Julie M.



May 31, 2019

Improving but still not there yet in areas

It's our biggest comic convention in the UK and always host to an obscene amount of humans in one place. It's layout, content and organisation had improved dramatically since Reedpop took it over, bu...t they are still failing in obvious, repeatedly complained about areas such as the celebrity photo ops, autograph systems, and communication between event and security staff, both still a huge issue as far as attendees and vendors are concerned.Those issues aside, we personally and a great weekend meeting friends and customers, shopping for merch with our daughter and enjoying the sunshine.I can dissect this event for much longer, but this is the gist of it!It's 100% going to be worth every penny when they nail the last problematic issues so that more can enjoy every aspect of the available entertainment. As it stands, I would never buy autograph or photo pops, nor even attempt to get into a talk. Have done previously once, I'll stick to LFCC for that kind of thing! Read more

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MCM Comic Con London

MCM Comic Con London is a popular pop culture event held in London, United Kingdom. It is known for bringing together various categories of popular culture, including movies, gaming, comics, anime, television, gadgets, clothing, and toys. The event is organized by Reed Exhibitions and takes place at the ExCeL London venue. The expected number of attendees for the event is around 130,000 [[SOURCE 1]].

Attendee Reviews

Based on the attendee reviews you provided, there are mixed opinions about the MCM Comic Con London event. Some attendees mentioned positive aspects such as the opportunity for cosplay interaction, networking with others in the cosplay industry, and the combination of established big brands and small independent artists and gamers [[SOURCE 2]]. However, there were also negative experiences mentioned, including difficulties in navigating the venue, unclear instructions, overcrowding, high prices for food and drink, and challenges for individuals with disabilities or specific needs [[SOURCE 2]].

Exhibitor Reviews

Exhibitors at MCM Comic Con London have mentioned positive aspects of the event, such as the opportunity to showcase new and upcoming titles or hardware and interact with engaged consumers and fans of the brand [[SOURCE 3]]. However, some exhibitors have raised concerns about the increasing prices for tables and the need for more training for staff members. There were also complaints about the treatment of guests and visitors, suggesting a need for improvement in these areas [[SOURCE 4]].

Overall, MCM Comic Con London is a large pop culture event that attracts a significant number of attendees. While there are positive aspects mentioned by attendees and exhibitors, there are also areas that could be improved to enhance the overall experience for participants.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the snippets from search results and does not reflect personal experiences or opinions.

MCM London Comic Con 2024 (2024)


Is MCM Comic Con London worth it? ›

Is it worth the money? Well, that basically depends on what you seek. If your perfect convention is hanging around with friends outside - then the answer is 'no'. If you are interested in the Panels, the guests, the stores and all of what's inside - 'yeah-ish'.

How many people go to MCM Comic Con London? ›

It is one of the biggest UK comic cons, attracting more than 100,000 visitors each year.

How busy is Comic Con London? ›

The event has around 100,000 attendees over the three days and takes up the whole of London Olympia.

Who are the guests at Comic Con 2024? ›

In addition to the 12 names announced previously, Comic-Con is pleased to welcome Liz Climo, Jo Duffy, Patrick McDonnell, Christopher Paolini, Dan Santat, and Bryan Talbot as Special Guests for 2024!

Which is the best comic con in London? ›

MCM Comic Con London

One of the biggest names in comic cons with one of the most impressive lineups of special guests as MCM take over the huge environs of ExCel for three days. MCM has expanded to take on sci-fi, animation, TV, film and pop culture.

What to expect at London Comic Con? ›

You may be wondering what to expect when you get there. There will be some crowds, colourful cosplays and a huge array of things to see and do. There is so much talent and creativity in one space, so there will be photos, elated moods and big names in the pop culture space.

Is the MCM Comic Con big? ›

The MCM London Comic Con has a large floor-space for dealer stands and exhibitors which include media companies such as film studios and TV stations. There is also a theatre space that includes a large stage with projection monitors on either side and seating for approximately 1,000.

What to wear to Comic-Con? ›

Can you go to Comic-Con without a costume? Absolutely, in fact the majority of attendees don't do cosplay for the event. And if this is your first time, it may be for the best if you opt for comfort over creativity. If you have a relevant t-shirt, Comic-Con is a great place to wear it.

What's the best day to go to Comic-Con? ›

Friday and Saturday usually have the highest-profile events. Saturday is also the most crowded on the convention floor. Friday also usually has a lot of Star Wars events. Sunday is lighter on events, but also has a lot of kid-friendly programming.

Does Comic-Con sell out fast? ›

For the past few sales, badges during Open Online Registration have sold out in about 74 to 78 minutes. The 2024 Open Online Registration occurred on Saturday, November 18, 2023. In both badge sales, only single day badges are offered, in limited quantities.

Do Comic-Con guests get paid? ›

Beyond that, some guests demand and get appearance fees or guarantees that they'll do X amount of business but not all conventions will pay that. WonderCon and Comic-Con don't. There are celebrities who are paid to be there but they're not paid by the con.

What is at Comic-Con 2024? ›

24-26 May 2024

Don't miss the chance to meet your anime, TV and film stars, the joy of browsing art from independent creators, the freedom to be yourself and all the special little moments you don't get anywhere else. We're excited to welcome you home to the greatest show of the year.

Does Comic-Con check ID? ›

Please do not give your badge to a friend or to people outside the Convention Center when you leave Comic-Con. Security will perform random ID checks throughout the convention, so make sure the name on your badge matches your photo ID!

Is MCM Comic Con big? ›

The MCM London Comic Con has a large floor-space for dealer stands and exhibitors which include media companies such as film studios and TV stations. There is also a theatre space that includes a large stage with projection monitors on either side and seating for approximately 1,000.

How long is MCM Comic Con? ›

We're looking forward to welcoming you back for another three-day celebration of all things pop culture! Don't miss the chance to meet your anime, TV and film stars, the joy of browsing art from independent creators, the freedom to be yourself and all the special little moments you don't get anywhere else.

Are VIP comic con tickets worth it? ›

A VIP ticket gives you access to things a regular ticket can't like guaranteed access to the panel rooms, reserved seating at the stages for the panels, first access to the show floor, an exclusive swag bag, a fast pass line for photo ops and autographs, access to a hotel block, access to a private catered lounge, and ...


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