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Fall season is upon us with the colorful leaves, apple cider, and corn mazes.

As a mom of a toddler and a seven-month-old, I want to capture all the Fall memories. As a professional photographer I know getting great photos is sometimes easier said than done. I’m here to give you some tricks and tips on how to get those fun Fall photos whether you have a newborn or a one-year-old.

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What are milestone photos?

Babies change SO much during their first year. One thing I love doing with my boys is taking milestone photos. These are usually done at “milestones” like newborn, three, six, and nine months old, and their first birthday (or if you’re extra like me you’ll have monthly milestone photoshoots). You really get to see how much they have grown between the sessions. Here are some ideas for each milestone.

Newborn Photos

If you’re having a baby this Fall- congrats mama! I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer for a newborn photo shoot. You’ll already have enough on your plate adjusting to the new baby and all of the other transitions of postpartum life.

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Some photographers are specifically newborn photographers and others, like myself, are lifestyle photographers. If you like the photos of babies propped up on their hands* and tight swaddles in a cocoon, then you’ll want a newborn photographer. Make sure they’ve taken courses on proper posing for newborns.

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If you prefer photos of the family interacting with the baby in the comfort of your own home, then you’ll want a lifestyle photographer. Both types will get up-close photos of your baby’s face, little fingers, and tiny hairs on their head. The little details you never want to forget.

To incorporate Fall aesthetics, grab some Fall-colored swaddles, use Fall décor in the background, pick up a wicker basket to lay the baby in, and of course, dress the rest of your family in complimentary Fall attire.

*This specific pose is a composite of multiple poses DO NOT try at home on your own

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3-Month Photos

At three months old a bit of their personality is starting to come out, but they still can’t do much on their own. If it’s warm enough I’d go to a state park with colorful leaves and take some fun photos. Give a Polaroid to your significant other, your bestie, or schedule a mini-session with a local photographer.

The perfect time for natural light photos is earlier in the day or at golden hour (just before sunset) to prevent harsh shadows or squinting. Bring a soft blanket to lay the baby down on. Sit with your baby on the blanket, give them some kisses, take a selfie with the Fall leaves behind you, and really just have a great time.

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6-Month Photos

Six-month-olds are usually sitting up on their own (or close to it) and trying to figure out how to crawl. They’re blowing bubbles, belly laughing, and are really just a lot of fun. One of my favorite photoshoots to do with six (or even nine) month-old is a milk bath (this is only done safely if they are sitting independently).

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Milk powder is sold at most grocery stores and when mixed with water gives off a creamy look. Put the lukewarm mixture into a bucket that is just wide enough for the baby to sit in and short enough they can see over the sides when sitting in it. (Peep this Halloween bucket!) To create the Fall-factor, I put foam mini pumpkins or plastic pumpkins into the bucket for baby to play with and place pumpkins all around the outside of the bucket.

Pro tip: Put a hand towel in the bottom of the bucket to help reduce sliding.

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9-Month Photos

Nine-month-olds during the Fall are so much fun! Most are crawling and maybe even pulling themselves up. For this milestone, I suggest going to the local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Let them pull themselves up using a pumpkin, place them in front of the piles of pre-sorted pumpkins, and throw on a cute little pumpkin hat or even a onesie that says “Baby’s First Halloween.”

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If you’re heading to the apple orchard grab a wagon for them to sit in or hold them up so they can pick an apple. I don’t suggest letting them crawl around in the apple orchard as there tend to be a lot of bees enjoying the fallen apples.

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One Year Photos

For one year photos I suggest setting up a family photo shoot. Ask your photographer to take some photos of your baby celebrating their first birthday and then a few photos of your family. The first year can be rough so it’s definitely a moment for the whole family to celebrate.

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Most one-year-olds are on the go, whether they’re quickly crawling everywhere or learning to walk, so most of these sessions end up with a lot of candid photos. I love incorporating the child’s favorite toy. It may not fit with the Fall aesthetic, but looking back at those photos later you’ll hopefully smile when you see their beloved stuffie. Plus it’s a great way to make them feel more comfortable. If you want to incorporate the ever-popular smash cake, add a Fall twist by using apple cider donuts or pumpkin pie!

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Hopefully, this article gives you some ideas for your own little one.

If you need more inspiration there are Pinterest boards full of creative ideas or take a peek at our “10 tips for planning a family photoshoot” blog post. Whether you decide to take photos yourself or hire a professional I hope the end result is fun memories captured for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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Britny Murray

Britny is a mom to two littles, a wife to a baseball coach, a veteran, and a photographer for theCityMoms. She loves to read, go to Purdue football games, and is always up for a girl’s night in with Moscato.

Fall baby photoshoot ideas: From a photographer — theCityMoms (2024)


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  2. Invite people to collaborate. ...
  3. Generate lots of ideas. ...
  4. Add imagery. ...
  5. Get inspired by other artforms. ...
  6. Evaluate your ideas. ...
  7. Finally, group your ideas into themes.

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What is the best angle for baby photos? ›

The typical lighting used with newborns is a 45 degree angle light. It is soft, sweet, and beautiful on babies.

What kind of pictures do babies like? ›

A baby's retina registers the strongest when looking at high contrast images. High contrast images with bold black and white shapes stimulate the optic nerves. This trains a newborn's vision and teaches the eye muscles and brain to coordinate and function properly.

How do photographers take newborn photos? ›

We will alway swaddle baby nice and snug in a wrap first.

Then, we place baby gently in a prop and little posing pillows are used to support their head. Next, photograph baby from a variety of different angles. Aerial, side view, straight on, close up, etc.

How do you hold a newborn picture? ›

I have dad safely hold the baby with one hand under their bottom and the other supporting their chest under their arms. Depending on how young or sleepy the baby is, dad will sometimes have to use his hand to help support the baby's head or slightly lean back to make it more comfortable for the baby.

How do you pose a newborn? ›

To start, place the baby on his stomach with his legs tucked underneath him and his bum up in the air. Make sure to support the baby's head and neck with your hand. This pose is perfect for capturing the baby's chubby cheeks and tiny toes. To add some variety to this pose, you can try different angles and props.

What are the best settings for newborn photography? ›

Shutter speed around 1/200. Aperture of f/4 or lower for individual newborn shots and f/8 for group shots.


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