Curaleaf - Glendale Customer Reviews from Leafly (2024)

October 2, 2019


Verified Shopper

Man.... just horrible. The Greenhouse was a safe heaven for patients from ALL ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM. We are NOT idiots and we will take our business elsewhere. Curaleaf should have kept The Greenhouse AS IS. Now we, THE PATIENTS, will be obligated to let our fellow MMJ patients know that The Greenhouse is no more. You DO know that patients talk to each other at various MMJ dispensaries, right? Word is spreading and it is not looking good you CuraCrooks.

October 2, 2019


Verified Shopper

Every bad review is completely deserved. They ruined a great thing. They advertised more bud tenders and lower prices but they got that backwards, they have fewer bud tenders and higher prices. Advertised strains were not available in the store. My money will be going to somebody else now

September 17, 2019


So disappointed the Greenhouse was bought out. I am boycotting this store and I'd been a loyal customer for 4 years! Never even been to another dispensary. I spent over 5k a year here. No more. Curaleaf is awful and they won't get a dime of my money until they lower their prices ALOT, bring back the decent flower, get rid of the sales tax AND bring back the buy one get one free deals. Also, since it's not the Greenhouse anymore you really should get rid of all the old reviews and start over. It's dishonest to use old reviews from the actually good dispensary you bought out.

September 26, 2019


Miss the greenhouse this place sucks now won’t ever go back and I know many others that won’t go back either

September 15, 2019


Verified Shopper

Curaleaf has taken over and made too many changes. They also deleted my 10% AARP discount and want me to bring proof again. also if you have not accumulated your $50 credit before the 27th, your points will be worthless you get $5 for every $100 you spend. So instead of $50 for every 400 you get $20 for every 400. thanks for ruining a good thing curaleaf. looks like it's all about that top dollar though Mister nonprofit.

September 27, 2019


Since the new owners took over I have been looking for a new dispensary. I used to shop here exclusively because they had great deals as Glendale Greenhouse, BUT the first thing the new owners did is raise all the prices by as much as 50% AND add sales tax. Their Grand Opening specials are a joke! The deals are worse than the worst ever Greenhouse deal. But hey! They were offering free tacos after 5:00,as if that could make up for their crummy deals. What clowns. PLUS they no longer show what the THC percentage is in anything.

September 17, 2019


Verified Shopper

Couple things:1. All these short “good reviews” are nothing more than someone trying to get a free pre-roll. smh 2. Its no coincidence that a dispensary that could barely grow flower that touched 23% thc in the past now all of a sudden has more than half their strains above 23%. Its strange that 23% is the threshold for their most expensive flower and now all their flower is above 23%. Come on now dumb you think we are ?3. Only reason people even went there was for the extremely competitive prices, without that they got nothing. 4. I’ll never go back and get waxed by their prices, way too many better options closer to my area anyway

October 10, 2019


Poor decisions all the way around. Except for the bud tenders. But someone forget to change out the sign on Union Hills. It still says The Greenhouse and I went in to Curaleaf? Wow! When did this happen? All that change and transitioning but you couldn’t remember to change the street signage? It only shows the true nature of it all. You simply don’t care that much about your patients or your business. Watch, your numbers will slowly fall, if they haven’t already! RIP Greenhouse! Bye forever!

September 15, 2019


what atmosphere. there was nobody there. used to be busy all the time. oh ya thats right, used to include tax in prices. used to be friendly. used to offer good deals. you can surely tell the difference since corp ownership. used to go every friday. wont go back.

October 14, 2019


Verified Shopper

Used to be my go to place, but not anymore. Tried to buy a strain listed on their menu board at $18 an eighth, was told "The board isn't right." and was charged top tier price. The bud-tender could not have cared less, and I was directed to a paper list and told "We don't have all these." Wow. Curaleaf takes over another great dispensary and makes it lousy. Higher prices, less quality, and I also waited 15 minutes, which never happened before this location changed hands. I didn't buy anything today, and I won't be back to any Curaleaf.

September 30, 2019


Just returned from my first trip here since ciraleaf took over the store. Their prices are nearly double that of the green store. I will never come back to this place!

October 5, 2019


Verified Shopper

Curaleaf and the big money corp’s are what ruin this business and the quality! Glendale Greenhouse was a much better location before the switch.😡🤬 Colorado’s quality of marijuana has hugely declined due to corps like this! I wish the owner of Greenhouse wouldn’t have sold out! Bad Move!

September 30, 2019


Verified Shopper

When it was the greenhouse they were great, never went anyplace else but with the change to curaleaf I will be looking elsewhere. The emails that I get from Curaleaf seem to advertise one thing then they disappear from my email que. The ads on leafly are not clear and I am having trouble understanding what their daily deals are. They seem to have removed the THC content from the flower. I'll go and use up my points and then look for a new dispensary.

September 28, 2019


Sept 27th was the "grand opening", aka "grand failure" in my opinion. After a 4 hour wait to get inside finally, the employees were not friendly or helpful at all. They ran out of a lot of items, so not adequately stocked at all. I witnessed an employee bump me in line because his buddies walked in after I checked in. And they didn't have a to go order pick up either. Really?? Then I overheard another employee stating that he texted all of his friends on when to come in and he'd hook them up with lots of free goodies. Wow! Mind you I had to remind my budtender twice of the free item coming to me for spending at least $20. And to find out it was only a $4 cookie. And why only have 3-4 emplyees waiting on customers when there was still 80-100 more people outside? But there was 10 employees jyst wandering around not doing anything. What a joke of a place. I'll miss you Greenhouse.

October 9, 2019


Verified Shopper

I’ve never seen the parking lot as empty as it was today. Very sad what has happened to this place. And we can tell the “fake” reviews. NOBODY that has been a customer here would say that it’s better now!

September 27, 2019


I am disappointed at the owners. You were taking really good care of us, until you sold out. There is a general feeling of abandonment among us. The deals were allowing many of us fixed income patients to enjoy medicine as necessary. Karma is not always swift.They past few visits, the staff has a general cruddy attitude. The flower prices have doubled. Next I supposed the top shelf brand will disappear off the shelves. Back to AllGreens I go..

September 28, 2019


Verified Shopper

they’re keeping good reviews on leafly from glendale greenhouse. it’s a front. nobody likes this place like we did Glendale greenhouse, so take our good reviews off and see how well you do then. you won’t ever have 4.8 stars i promise you!!!!

October 18, 2019


Was going to go for my third time ever but called before I made the trip.. the lady I talked to was rude and very short. I usually don’t do this but I’m not even gonna shop w y’all anymore because of her. Thank you Sky for being rude

September 28, 2019


Verified Shopper

should have never sold the greenhouse, lost another one. customer that is...

September 28, 2019


looks like greenhouse got bought out by curaleaf what a drag looks like I lost another dispensary

January 26, 2021


No discounts, no deals, high prices? Curaleaf has ruined the market. Making that money at the expense and pain of others.

September 28, 2019


Verified Shopper

This is my first bad review ever, Greenhouse was the best dispensary in the West Valley and now that curaleaf took over they no longer put the Thc or CBD % on their products. The deals which Greenhouse was known for are also worse. I've been a patient here for 4 years and won't be returning.

September 28, 2019


Curaleaf! Booo!!

October 16, 2019


It was the go to spot for be Rhône in the north valley.always busy Friday morning for the deals,rewards.,service,and over all good medicine. Now I got not so nice people anymore who are clearly not morning people tending to my needs and the whole tax and 3 tiers is B.S... hers an idea change the sign or sell it back to the peop who care about the patient..

Curaleaf - Glendale Customer Reviews from Leafly (2024)


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