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Jul 5, 2023 | Blog, Marriage

Parents-to-be are now finding new, fun ways to share their baby’s gender. The old tradition has changed into a celebration full of surprises and joy.

This article has many creative ideas to make your gender reveal special. We have ideas ranging from simple to grand. These ideas can match any style or preference and add excitement.

Whether you’re planning a small or big event, our collection of gender reveal ideas has something for everyone.

Balloon Pop

Fill a giant black balloon with pink or blue confetti. Inflate it and tie it off, then hang it up. When the time comes, pop the balloon to reveal the gender. Make sure to pop it in a place where the cleanup is easy!

Smoke Bombs

Purchase pink or blue smoke bombs from a trusted party supplies vendor. Set them off in an open, outdoor space, with everyone safely standing back. The color of the smoke will reveal the baby’s gender.

Cake Cutting

Order a cake with the inside colored pink or blue from your local bakery. When you slice into the cake, the color inside will reveal the gender.

Box of Balloons

Decorate a large box and fill it with helium-filled balloons in either pink or blue. Open the box in front of your loved ones. The rising balloons will reveal the baby’s gender.

Confetti Cannons

Purchase gender reveal confetti cannons filled with pink or blue confetti. Gather everyone outside, count down from three, and let the cannons burst to reveal the gender.


Order a gender reveal piñata that is filled with either pink or blue candies or confetti. Have a fun game of trying to break the piñata open to reveal the gender.

Paint Splatter Canvas

Purchase a white canvas and some pink or blue paint. Put the paint inside a squirt gun and shoot it at the canvas for a messy, fun reveal.

Scratch-Off Cards

Send out custom-made scratch-off cards to your friends and family. Underneath the scratch-off area, the card will say “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” This is a great idea for people who cannot attend a party.

Egg Roulette

Hard-boil a dozen eggs, leaving one raw. Dye half of them blue and the other half pink, with the raw egg representing the gender. Take turns smashing them on your forehead until the raw egg is found.

Silly String

Purchase cans of silly string in pink or blue (but ensure the cans are covered or spray painted so the color isn’t revealed ahead of time). At the count of three, everyone sprays the silly string to reveal the gender.

Gender Reveal Puzzle

Order a custom-made puzzle with a picture that reveals the gender. Assemble the puzzle together with your guests to discover the gender.

Pet Announcement

If you have a pet, tie a colored ribbon (pink or blue) around its collar, or dress it in a gender-specific outfit. Let your pet walk into the room to reveal the gender.

Bath Bombs

Purchase a gender reveal bath bomb that’s colored pink or blue on the inside but has a neutral color on the outside. Drop the bath bomb in a large clear container filled with water in front of your guests and wait for the color to reveal.

Fortune Cookies

Order custom-made fortune cookies where the fortune inside reveals the gender. This can be a fun way to end a meal together with your loved ones.

Volcano Eruption

This one is for the science-loving parents! Create a paper-mâché volcano, then use baking soda and food coloring to create a pink or blue lava eruption. Make sure to perform this outside to avoid a mess.

Sports Ball Reveal

Purchase a gender reveal sports ball (like a baseball or a football) filled with colored powder. When you hit or throw the ball, it’ll explode with either pink or blue powder.

Fireworks Display

Hire a professional fireworks company to set off pink or blue fireworks. This is a grand, memorable way to reveal gender, but always ensure that it’s done safely and legally.

Glow Stick Reveal

Get a black box and fill it with either pink or blue glow sticks. When you open the box in a dark room, the color of the glow sticks will reveal the gender.

Magic Show

Hire a magician to do a magic show and reveal the gender as part of their final act. This could be a particularly fun idea if you have a lot of children in your friend or family group.

Message in a Bottle

Fill a bottle with pink or blue sand and then place a note inside that says, “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!”. Pass the bottle around for everyone to see the color and read the message.

Hershey’s Chocolate Reveal

Buy Hershey’s bars and color the “HE” or “SHE” on the wrapper to indicate the baby’s gender. Distribute them to your guests for a sweet surprise.

Clothesline Reveal

Hang up a line of baby clothes that are all neutral colors, except for one pink or blue item that will reveal the gender.

Book Reveal

Create a custom picture book that tells a story leading up to the gender reveal. On the last page, include a picture with the color or gender revealed.

Gender Reveal Riddles or Crossword Puzzle

Create a riddle or crossword puzzle that, when solved, reveals the gender of the baby. This can be a fun and interactive way to engage your guests in the reveal.

Gardening Reveal

Plant a flower or a tree and tie a colored ribbon around it (pink or blue) to symbolize the baby’s gender. This is also a beautiful way to create a lasting memory of the occasion.

Themed Food Items

Serve food items that hint at the gender – if it’s a boy, you might serve “blue” food like blueberry muffins, blue Jello, or co*cktails with blue Curacao. If it’s a girl, you might serve strawberry milk, pink cupcakes, or a salad with radishes and pink dressing.

Pottery Reveal

Paint the inside of a pottery item such as a bowl or a vase with either pink or blue. Reveal the gender by turning the pottery item upside down or inside out.

Stuffed Animal Reveal

Buy a teddy bear or another stuffed animal and dress it in a gender-specific outfit (like a pink tutu or blue overalls). Then, gift wrap it and open the present in front of your guests.

Color Changing Drinks

Purchase a color-changing drink powder that changes color when added to a drink. Prepare clear drinks for your guests and when it’s time for the reveal, add the powder to the drinks and serve them.


Play a game of charades with your guests where the final act is your pantomime of “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl”.

Water Gun Paint Fight

Fill water guns with washable pink or blue paint and have a paint fight. It’s messy, but can be a lot of fun, especially if there are kids involved.

Sand Art

Have a container of white sand, and add a hidden layer of pink or blue sand in the middle. Pour out the sand to reveal the gender.

30+ exciting gender reveal ideas we love - SheSafeWeSafe (2024)


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